The Microbit is a tiny computer that we can use to make all kinds of things like robots and devices. Over the next few lessons you are going to have the chance to explore these devices, code them and learn how to make computers work!


Lesson 1

Have a go at  the introduction lessons to get used to using the Microbit

Click here for the introduction: (Click the “Getting Started Button”)

Lesson 2

Here are a few more challenges to keep you going and practicing the skills

Click here for more examples:

Lesson 3

Now we are really getting good, click on one of these challenges and try to program a Microbit to complete it.

Don’t forget to printscreen your solution to show that you have completed it!

Student Booklet (where you will record your solutions)

Create a Stopwatch

Fortune Teller

Mood Badge

Rate Your Mates

Reaction Timer

Target Number

Target Number 2

What’s The Score?