Presentation Software

DEADLINE – FRI – 20/10/2017


The school is holding an open evening in the Autumn term for parents of students in Year 6 who are thinking of coming to our school. You have been asked to prepare the presentation for the main talk in the hall. The head has drawn a list of the things they need to cover. These include:-

  • The range of courses offered
  • Facilities available (with images)
  • Key teaching staff
  • Details of extra-curricular activities
  • A video that the head wants you to include

You are expected to make the presentation engaging with a range of information, including graphics, multimedia and tables.

 Write-up Guide


Task 1 – research

Collect all the information needed in for the presentation. You should complete the worksheet on page 1 of the write up guide to help you with this.

You should also make sure that you fill in the “Sources” page with the links of any webpages/booklets/people that you use to get the information.

Here are some links that might inspire your presentation:

Demo presentation 1

Demo presentation 2

You can also find the video that you should use here: Youtube

Task 2 – planning

Consider the requirements and write a short report (page 1 of the write up guide)

  • The overall template or theme style and structure that might best communicate the information your have collected. For this you need to draw up a sketch design for your master slide.
  • The types of information that are needed and how the presentation might be structured. You will need to complete a storyboard showing what is going to be on each slide.
  • The different layouts needed for each part of the presentation. Annotate your storyboard to show the layout it will need. Also plan out the slide transition and any animation you intend to use.
  • Make a list of photos you need to take.

Task 3 – Content

Create your presentation and use appropriate tools and techniques to enter, edit and format the slides to make the whole presentation consistent and engaging. Save the presentation at regular intervals with a file name which is both appropriate and in keeping with guidelines provided e.g. year 6 evening version 1

  • All slides must use the same theme
  • Use transitions and animations that enhance the presentation (write these on your storyboard)
  • In the “Notes” give a brief overview of why you have presented each slide the way you have, colours, layout, choice of images, animations, transitions etc.

Task 4 – Issues

Identify any copyright issues with the material you have used. Keep a sources table for any images that you find on the internet.

Task 5 – Checking and Evaluation

Swap draft versions of your presentation you have created with another student and check their work is suitable for the required purpose. Identify any issues and give recommendations on how it could be improved. When you have made your final changes write a report explaining how you have ensured that your presentation meets the requirements set.




This is the ability to select and use a wide range of presentation software tools and techniques effectively to produce presentations that are at times non-routine or unfamiliar. Any aspect that is unfamiliar may require support and advice from others.

Presentation tools and techniques will have the following characteristics:

  • the software tools and functions used will be at times non-routine or unfamiliar;
  • the choice and use of input, manipulation and output techniques will need to take account of a number of factors or elements; and
  • the user will take some responsibility for inputting, structuring, editing and presenting the information, which at times may be non-routine or unfamiliar.


1. Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides

1.1 I can identify what types of information are required for the presentation.

1.2 I can enter text and other information using layouts appropriate to type of information.

1.3 I can insert charts and tables into presentation slides.

1.4 I can insert images and video or sound to enhance the presentation.

1.5 I can identify any constraints which may affect the presentation.

1.6 I can organise and combine information of different forms or from different sources for presentations.

1.7 I can store and retrieve presentation files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available.

2. Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format slide sequences

2.1 I can identify what slide structure and themes to use.

2.2 I can select, change and use appropriate templates for slides.

2.3 I can select and use appropriate techniques to edit slides and presentations to meet needs.

2.4 I can select and use appropriate techniques to format slides and presentations.

2.5 I can identify what presentation effects to use to enhance the presentation.

2.6 I can select and use animation and transition effects appropriately to enhance slide sequences.

3. Prepare slideshow for presentation

3.1 I can describe how to present slides to meet needs and communicate effectively.

3.2 I can prepare slideshow for presentation.

3.3 I can check presentation meets needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary.

3.4 I can identify and respond to any quality problems with presentations to ensure that presentations meet needs.