Desk Top Publishing

DEADLINE – FRI – 15/12/2017


  • A past student has set up a company called MobileKit which makes and sells all kinds of accessories for mobile phones. They need to create a set of document templates that reflect their business and they need a theme for their business (called the “House Style”).
  • As you can see, they already have a store and they are waiting for you to create their branding.
  • They are keen to develop a corporate house style and use this for all their documents such as business cards and flyers and have asked you to provide some ideas for them.




You should download the write-up guide first.

 Write-up Guide


Task 1 – Design

You need complete the the design worksheet documenting the colours and fonts you are going to use for the MobileKit documents and the information you will need for each of the documents.
  • Business card for the manager of the company, Chris Smith:-
    • 123 Fake Street
    • Chester Gates,
    • Chester
    • CH1 6LT
    • Tel -01454877955
  • Flyer advertising an open evening to launch a new range of mobile accessories
You also need to create a logo for MobileKit using Fireworks/Paint or a program of your choosing. The design should be in the same colours as the house style you have created in the design document and reflect the fact that it is a technology company.

Task 2 – Creation

Using Publisher templates you now need to create the business card, flyer and newsletter. You will need to select same design set for each of your documents and edit them so that they are in the colours and fonts you chose in your design document and include your logo in each of the documents.

For your newsletter you can copy and paste text from the internet but it must be appropriately edited and formatted. Your newsletter must include text in columns.

All 3 of your documents should look professional and follow your house style.


Task 3 – Review

You need to ensure that your documents are well laid out, contain the correct information and are free from spelling and grammar errors. Complete task 3 to help you with this.

You also need to get feedback from at least 2 other students and act on their feedback and your own review to improve your documents. Keep earlier versions of your documents to show the changes you have made.




1. Select and use appropriate designs and page layouts for publications.

1.1 I can describe what types of information are needed.

1.2 I can describe how to change page design and layout to increase effectiveness of a publication.

1.3 I can select, change and use an appropriate page design and layout for publications in line with local guidelines, where relevant.

1.4 I can select and use appropriate media for the publication.

2. Input and combine text and other information within publications.

2.1 I can find and input information into a publication so that it is ready for editing and formatting.

2.2 I can organise and combine information for publications in line with any copyright constraints, including importing information produced using other software.

2.3 Describe how copyright constraints affect use of own and others’ information.

2.4 I can describe which file format to use for saving designs and images.

2.5 I can store and retrieve publication files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available.

3. Use desktop publishing software techniques to edit and format publications.

3.1 I can identify what editing and formatting to use for the publication.

3.2 I can select and use appropriate techniques to edit publications and format text.

3.3 I can manipulate images and graphic elements accurately.

3.4 I can control text flow within single and multiple columns and pages.

3.5 I can check publications meet needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary.

3.6 I can identify and respond to quality problems with publications to make sure they meet needs.