Improving Productivity Using IT

DEADLINE – FRI – 20/10/2017


You will complete this unit alongside the Presentation software unit. To complete this unit you will need to plan and manage the development of a software project and review your performance and progress throughout the task.

Write-up Guide


Task 1 – Planning

Think about the project you have been given and complete the proposal document detailing the following:-

·         What it is you are creating

·         Its purpose (e.g. to advertise, to inform)

·         Who the target audience is and how you are going to make it suitable for that audience

·         What IT software and systems are necessary to complete the task.

·         What skills are necessary to complete the task.

·         What potential issues you foresee that could affect your progress.

·         What potential legal or local guidelines could affect your progress e.g. copyright issues

Use an Excel spreadsheet to create a plan for the task. Divide the tasks up into detailed steps and estimate a start and end date for each task. Add milestones at significant stages.


Task 2 – Reviewing progress

Use the project log to describe your progress on the task. The focus is to review how you are using the IT tools and techniques you are using. Your log should cover:-

·         The suitability of the chosen tools for the task

·         Any changes in your approach that were needed

·         The strengths and weaknesses of your work

·         Areas where improvements are needed.

When you have completed the task you need to evaluate how it went. Complete the project evaluation document detailing:-

·         What the original requirements were

·         How well the end results match the original requirements

·         How successful the task was and why (i.e. what went well / not so well and the reasons for this).

Task 3

Based on your experience of competing task 1 and task 2, you now need to develop and test solutions which will improve your future use of IT. Complete the IT Review and Action Plan Document:-

·         Review the benefits and drawbacks of the IT tools you used, considering productivity and efficiency

·         Describe ways that you could improve the productivity and efficiency of the tools you have used

·         Develop solutions which demonstrate how productivity and efficiency can be improved (e.g short cuts, interface customisations and macros)

·         Test the solutions you create using a test plan to ensure they work correctly.



The candidate can plan and review their use of pre-defined or commonly used IT tools for work activities that are at times non-routine or unfamiliar.  As a result of reviewing their work, they will be able to devise solutions using IT tools in order to improve work productivity. Any aspect that is unfamiliar will require support and advice from other people.


1. Plan select and use appropriate IT systems and software to meet needs

1.1 I can describe the purpose for using IT.

1.2 I can describe the methods skills and resources required to complete tasks successfully.

1.3 I can plan how to carry out tasks using IT to achieve the required purpose and outcome.

1.4 I can describe factors that might affect the task.

1.5 I can select and use IT systems and software applications to complete planned tasks and produce effective results.

1.6 I can describe how the purpose and outcomes have been met by the chosen IT systems and software applications.

1.7 I can describe any legal or local guidelines or constraints that apply to the task or activity.

2. Review and adapt the ongoing use of IT tools and systems to make sure that activities are successful

2.1 I can review the on-going use of IT tools and techniques and change the approach as needed.

2.2 I can describe whether the IT tools selected were appropriate for the task and purpose.

2.3 I can assess the strengths and weaknesses in my final work.

2.4 I can describe ways to make further improvements to my work.

2.5 I can review outcomes to make sure they match requirements and are fit for purpose.

3. Develop and test solutions to improve the ongoing use of IT tools and systems

3.1 I can review the benefits and drawbacks of IT tools and systems used in terms of productivity and efficiency.

3.2 I can describe ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

3.3 I can develop solutions to improve my own productivity in using IT.

3.4 I can test solutions to check that they work as intended.