Personal Finance

The Level 2 Certificate in Personal Finance (CPF2 and CPF5) has been designed as you are, or will be shortly, starting on a period of life when you can no longer depend on others for your financial provision. In particular, you will consider the legal and practical constraints on the sources and uses of money; the methods of organising your money through personal budgeting; the considered use of appropriate bank and building society accounts and the concept and  consequences of overspending or payment default.

Key Features

  • The features of legal tender
  • Key sources of money including earned income, inheritance, benefits, selling and borrowing
  • Key aspects of banking including, saving, borrowing and automated banking tools
  • Understanding the different types of bank account
  • Budgeting
  • The concept of using money abroad
  • The concept of payment default, overspending and the consequences


Personal Financial Encounters

Personal Financial Encounters

PFE aims to increase students’ understanding of the sources of money and the importance of budgetary control, enabling them to make informed decisions about their finances. Understand the key features, sources and uses of money. easily recognised by everyone accepted by people and shops easy to carry around available i...