Computer Science Projects

Thanks to the folks over at I have found a couple of nice little projects that are interesting to attempt.

Here is a list of the projects:

Caffeine And Typing

To determine if the effects of a caffeine stimulant has any impact on typing speed.

Computer Passwords

To determine the strength of several different computer passwords. At the end of this experiment, you and your classmates will have an understanding of what factors make weak computer passwords and which types of passwords are stronger.

Font and Memory

To determine whether a serif font, such as Times New Roman or a sans serif font, such as Arial is more easily remembered.

Information and CD’s

To find out how much information is stored on a compact disc without using a computer.

Optical Mice

To determine whether an optical mouse performs on a black surface.

Search Engines

To determine which search engine is the most popular and why.

Temperature and CPUs

To determine whether extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) affect how well a computer performs given tasks.

Typing and Speed

To determine whether programs designed to improve typing speed, skill and accuracy are truly beneficial.

If you have any of your own projects then let me know!

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