The Future of Driving

There are has been a huge amount of talk about the future of the car. It is obvious that we are moving away from Petrol/Diesel cars into the electric frontier. Within the next decade you will only be able to buy electric cars at a reasonable price which also means that the cost of running these cars will reduce to practically nothing. Just stick a solar panel on your house and let the sun do the rest! This is going to lead to some very interesting technologies around the home as companies try to compensate the loss of a petrol driven economy.

More interesting than this however is the development from Google with their self driving cars which have just been allowed to drive around Las Vegas. This could start the end for lots of jobs such as bus/taxi drivers, limo drivers etc.


This has all kinds of implementations about how we use cars.

Firstly we will be able to completely change the design of cars so that they are not something to be used but instead can be a comfortable hub that can get you from A to B. Imagine having a computer or a TV in your car, while the car is driving you around you can be playing games/ watching movies or just talking on the phone. We will not be confined to have 4 seats all facing forward with the driver at the front.

Of course, the biggest advancement will be when all of these self driving cars join together in a very large grid of connected devices. We already have sat-navs that talk to each other and re-route when they find traffic jams but when the entire transport infrastructure is connected then there will be a tremendous decrease in journey times. When you get in your car and tell it where you want to go you the car will not only plot the geographical route but also work out where it is going to be in relation to other vehicles. This will mean other cars will slow down and speed up accordingly so that neither gets held up at a set of lights. Everything should work very well and we should never have to even stop as all the cars can judge their journeys in a clever way.


Of course this opens up an entirely new way of spending money. Depending on how important your journey is, you could choose to spend more money and take greater presence on the roads. Therefore when you get in your car you might be confronted with the following options:


This will alter everybody else around you so that you can get to work in a set time. This idea will be worth a fortune to any company that can link the entire system together and control every car. Google might just be entering a market that will earn them unlimited amounts of money. If they want more money they just turn up the prices. Of course I hope there will be good regulation on this!