Project Glass by Google

Put in on your Christmas list – Project Glass is live and with it comes a lot more questions than answers.


If you don’t know, project glass from Google is a set of glasses that augment information in front of your eyes. One the face of it this has some very interesting potentials including directions when moving around, reading messages on the go and using product identification to price match in store. The only real question left to answer is “would you wear them?”

The video from Google was quite impressive and even though we all know that the final product will not be any where near as slick as this it still gets your hopes up.


Of course there are many issues with this, and Tom Scott has developed a very short but sweet video which is well worth watching.


We shall wait and see what really happens with this project but it could mean that our fascination with mobile phones takes the next evolution and instead we become obsessed with augmented reality!

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