I have recently come across a great program for sharing presentations across multiple people. allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations to stream over the internet. This software is based on the CanvasDropper software which allows you to view documents in sync.

I have been using and it is very impressive. One of the key things I like about it is its cross device support because it is browser based. This is a major plus in an era when we are using various different types of device.

At the moment you can only keep your presentations in the system for 48hours before you have to upload them again. You can pay for the service to keep your presentations forever but I think the pricing is a bit expensive for the casual user.

Being able to show presentations across a set of devices is a useful tool, whether this be a tool for teachers or presenters it is nice to know that the slide that you are talking about is the slide in front of everybody. People can often get lost in presentations but with this tool it is easy.

Viewers can take notes on the system which is a nice feature but I would have liked to see a chat room implementation or even a tool that allows you to monitor who is in the presentation but I guess it is early stages with this technology.

A good little program that can be used on the spur of the moment, just upload your presentation and give people the link and see what happens!

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